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Bio Instructions

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 10 years, 10 months ago

Instructions for creating your bio page for the course

(due by Class 4, Oct. 9)


(Step 1) Add your name to the list on the Class Members page:

  • Go to the "Class Members" page on the Student Work site for this course.
  • Press on the "Edit" tab to open the "Class Members" page in editing mode.
  • Add your name alphabetically to the list of class members, using the format "Firstname Lastname" (alphabetized on your last name).
  • Then add a link in your name by selecting the name and clicking on the "link"  PBWorks Add Link icon button on the editing menu bar above the page content.  When the dialogue for link options appears, type in for the name of your page your Firstname Lastname.)
  • When you are done, press  PBWorks Save at the bottom to save your name and link on the Class Bios page.


(Step 2) Create the content of your your Class Members bio page:

  • While "viewing" (and not editing) the Class Members page, click on the link you made in your own name.

  • A dialogue will open for creating your new page, with your name already filled in as the page title (but remove any added hyphens).  Select "Bios" from the drop-down list as the "folder" in which to put the new page.  Then select the "Bio Template" from the list of available templates.  Press on "create page." (If you forget to select the proper template for the page, you can copy-and-paste the same template from the Bio Template below.)

  • When your newly created page appears in editing mode, fill it in with your information, quotation, and picture.  (To add a picture, press on "Images and Files" in the sidebar to the right of the editing screen and "browse" your computer for a photo.  When you select the photo, it will be uploaded to the wiki.  Then just click on its thumbnail in the sidebar or drag it from the sidebar to insert it in your post. You can also right-click on the image to "edit image" to adjust its placement, size, etc.

  • When you are done, press  to save your work.  You can go back to it at any time to edit your bio page.


Cut-and-Paste Template for Bios.


Copy the following and paste into your own Bio page.  (Or, when creating that page for the first time, just select the "Bio Template" in the page creation dialogue to have put template on the page automatically.)  Then substitute your own image, quotation, and self-description.


Copy between the dotted lines:


Image of yourself.  (Upload image of yourself using the "Images and files" function in the sidebar while in editing mode, and place the image here.  Right-click on the image to access Image Properties.  Set the properties to Align=left, hspace=20, and sized at about 300 width.  Link from the 300-pixel wide image to a larger version of the image if you wish.

Quotation in italics from your own work or some other work. Or insert a motto.  (Since this is a semi-professional site, please avoid merely "funny" sayings.

- Source of Quotation in italics

Your bio here, written in third person (not "I" or "me," but "John or Jane Doe is. . . ."  Add links as appropriate.  Aim for a tone that is semi-professional; but you can include "personality."


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