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Class 15 Notes

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 9 years ago

Preliminary Class Business


1. Final Tasks for Team Project


     Instructions from the Assignments page:


  1. A cohesive, well-designed Team Project Page on the course wiki that presents (or links to) the project, explains it, and provides some context.  The idea is to create a home page site for the project adequate to the task of giving an outsider to our class the gist of your project. To create a Team Project Page, follow the instructions here.
  2. The project itself, existing in some combination of the working project or its intermediary or final results, images, videos, etc. (Depending on the nature of the project, you may be creating it on another web site or platform and linking to it from your team project page.)
  3. An annotated bibliography of books, essays, software, other projects, etc., related to the project (created by linking to, or consolidating individual "Annotated Bibliography" assignments).


     Examples of project pages from 2008 version of this course.


2. Project Presentations


  • Presentation schedule (Team Projects page)
  • Presentation format:
    • 15 minutes (followed by Q&A)
    • Opening statement (overview of project concept, materials, tools)
    • Show-and-tell
    • Conclusions (or reflections)
  • Presentations should be scripted and timed.  Please dress up formally for the presentations (interpret "formally" as your wardrobe allows)


3. The UCSB English Department's "Research Slam" at end of year






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